"The original is unfaithful to the translation." - Jorge Luis Borges

The Hidden Curriculum

is an on-line audiobook library of essential texts for artists that have been translated into or from English. The translations will assemble a diverse set of texts that are deemed central to artistic production by individuals from different cultures, ethnicities, languages, gender identities, historical times, and geographies. More...



In the Cultivated Lands / Asher Ben Eliyahu (Aba) Constatine Shapiro, Translation from Hebrew to English by Ishai Shapira Kalter

Instructions   The original text must be written by a family relative.   In order to translate the original you must be a family relative.   The translation doesn’t need to include all of the original text.   The method of translation will be happening through written language.   The original text must be translated […]


Negri Translation Spanglish by Estefania Velez

  My name is Estefania Velez and I am translating an Antonio Negri (an Italian Marxist philosopher) talk which was originally spoken in Italian, then translated in English by an Italian translator. I am interpreting this translation using spanglish which is a slang articulation made by melding Spanish and English. As a person born in […]


Gogol – The Overcoat. Translated by Arkadiy Ryabin

You’re sitting in a room unsure what is going on outside and in. You turn this on, in scatter of moments devoted to understand and feel you only feel and partially understand. You accept what is outside and in. Continue.

samuel delany

“With Two Fingers”, An excerpt from ‘Dahlgren’, By Samuel Delany, Translated By Paola Di Tolla

With two fingers, he touched her cunt. She reached down to press his hand against her. He dropped his mouth; she spread her fingers, her hair pressed out between them. The odor, like a blow against his face, brought back— was it from Oregon? —an ax blade’s first hack in some wet pine log. He […]

FILE--Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, shown in this May, 1991 file photo, a staunch opponent of land-for-peace agreements with the Arabs, announced ,Tuesday, Dec, 26, 1995 that he will not run for parliament in the 1996 general elections. (AP Photo/File/Nati Harnick)

A Tiny Mustachioed Land

  Here’s my translation: Here’s a link to the original: Anonymous.


“Black Vernacular: Architecture as Cultural Practice” by bell hooks x “The Poetics of Space” by Gaston Bachelard, Textual Mash-up by Miatta Kawinzi

In this textual mash-up, I used different performative reading/singing styles to combine portions of “Black Vernacular: Architecture as Cultural Practice” by bell hooks with excerpts from “The Poetics of Space” by Gaston Bachelard. The intention is to illuminate hooks’ discussion of the way in which one’s engagement with space can be codified by structures of […]

Traducción / Sistemas de comunicación – Translation / Communication systems

Traducción es la acción de construir/transformar, a partir de la experiencia, objetos e ideas originales (refiriéndose a origen).

Translating is the act of creating/transforming, through experience, original objects, and ideas.


1. Select an original (movie, song, poem, book, etc.)
2. Translate the original using the communication system (language, format, structure, medium) of your choice.
3. Give a name to every process you use during the translation.

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America by Jean Baudrillard, translated by Katy McCarthy

Three Scenes in America from Katy McCarthy on Vimeo. My “translation” procedure: Find a text Break it into pieces like a dialogue Have two people read it back and forth like a conversation Optionally: set it to a video of local native species.


‘Person Seen by a Flower’ by Jean Arp. Translated by Clara Chapin

@ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

murn 1024x787

Reckoner/Faust, Translated by ASG

This translation loosely traces the evolution of the legend of Faust, from Germany in the 18th century, to it’s suggestion in the Radiohead song, “Reckoner,” from 2007. The lyrics of the song deal with Faust and the quest for human knowledge. They are translated into Esperanto.