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Submission Guidelines

We welcome your submissions! Loosely our criteria are:
Your translation increases accessibility to the original.
The text is relevant to artistic production.
Audio only!

You need to submit:

1. Media such as .mp3 or send the media file or a link to where the file can be downloaded in an email to with the title of your post. An editor will include it in the post.

2. An image for the thumbnail of you post.

3. A description that includes your name, a short bio, an explanation of what the original was; and whatever introduction you see fit to include. Please limit to 300 words. The description can be in several languages, but please include an English, Spanish, French, Hebrew or Russian version so our editors may understand what you are submitting.

NOTE: For embedded media from sites like Soundcloud, YouTube or Vimeo, please include the plain URL rather than the embed code, since embedded iframes will be stripped by the submission form for security. An editor will manually embed the media.